TRIEMC invests primarily in renewable projects and project companies but is also interested in renewable as well as conventional infrastructure projects in CEE and SEE. We pursue a strategic model which aims at an exclusive circle of interested investors giving them the possibility to acquire German stakes through the core company and become part of the European Energiewende.

The consortium already invested in renewable projects and pertains his portfolio. The first phase of 8 x 500KW PV-Pojects is closed and the project realisation is starting.

Consortium Partner Strategy

There are several business opportunities, photovoltage and wind projects, electricity and NG/LNG supply and also long-term investments.
The consortium strategy in 2018 is based on investments in renewable energy projects (PV) on short-term.

Further on, in 2019, electricity and gas trading and international strategic investments in renewable and gas and oil
infrastructure projects, like photovoltage parks (PV), wind parks, pipelines, LNG terminals, gas storages and also power plant
investments (conventional and renewable) on mid and long-term.

Short-term opportunity

Renewable project investments & developments in EU (Germany, Hungary, Western Balkans) - with roll-out option

Mid and long-term opportunity – strategic investment partnership / portfolio development

* Strategic investments (renewable sector & oil & gas industry)
* Electricity and NG and oil supply EU - with roll-out option
* NG/LNG supply - with roll-out option

Further information on investment packages as well as our approach and scoring is available on request.

  • In 2018, the consortium aims to expand the group portfolio in Europe and Eurasia
    and to hold a significant role in the energy market by resorting to its exclusive strategic alliances in
    the energy sector.
  • The consortium intends to collaborate exclusively with strategic investors in the renewable energy sector.
  • Further on, in 2019, the consortium intends to also collaborate with electricity and gas and oil suppliers.

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